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The process before hair transplantation is a meticulous process.  Hair transplantation operations performed under l octal anesthesia are within the scope of minor surgical operations. however, considering the possibility of encountering risks such as complications that may occur during the procedure, the patient's health history should be meticulously sure whether the patient's health status poses a risk for hair transplantation. Paying attention to  the process before hair transplantation brings with it important gains.

Health Problems

Just before hair transplantation, the patient;

  • Whether or not you have a chronic illness
  • Radiological diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Renal failure

It should be questioned whether there are health problems such as. If there are any problems that can be treated before hair transplantation, these problems should be proven by the relevant branch physicians with a certificate of approval whether they are approved for hair transplantation or not. Just before the hair transplantation operation, the general health history should be evaluated together with the physician by making a preliminary interview with the physician.  Paying attention to the process before hair transplantation brings with it important gains.

Medicines and Vitamins

Before hair transplantation, if there are drugs that the patient has used continuously due to any health problems or if some blood thinners are used, he should stop using them. Being careful with the process before hair transplantation will make it possible for you to get a service that meets your expectations.

If the patient has a more serious chronic disease, he should definitely not stop using this drug without approval by the physicians of the relevant branch. Any vitamin multivitamin for hair care or the ingredients that athletes have applied into the muscle must be aware of the relevant physician.

3 Days Before Hair Transplantation

Alcohol intake should definitely be stopped by the patient at least three days before entering the hair transplantation operation. In addition, if the smoking is stopped by the patient, it will be better to achieve successful results. Because smoking adversely affects blood flow. It narrows the vessels of the body and slows down blood circulation.

It is important that the hair transplanted into the opened channels has good blood circulation in order to hold on to the skin and nourish. For this reason, smoking is a condition that seriously prevents the growth of hair. Blood thinners should also be discontinued with the approval of a doctor. Aspirin-derived painkillers and green teas, which are known for their blood thinning properties, should not be used. It would also be wrong to use hair dyes with chemical content.

Washing After Hair Transplantation

One Day Before the Operation

It is very important that you rest adequately one day before the hair transplantation operation for the preparation of the operation. It will be good for you to come to the hair transplantation process by taking your sleep and rested. Because the hair transplantation process takes a long time such as 6 or 8 hours, staying inactive may inevitably cause you to be tired. Coming to the procedure by taking rested sleep helps you to have a comfortable processing time.  In the process before hair transplantation, the day of operation is the most critical stage.

Operation Day

It is important that you take a shower as soon as you wake up for the operation and take care that your scalp is clean. You need to have breakfast under the name of light. There will be a meal break during the operation, but being hungry for too long will cause your blood sugar to drop. For this reason, it is important that you start the day with breakfast. It will be wrong to cut or shorten your hair on the day of the operation.  It is imperative to pay attention to the day of the operation before hair transplantation.

Pre-Operative Preparation

It is important that you pay attention to some details for preparation before hair transplantation application. There are many care solutions and cool used to strengthen the hair. However, since we do not know exactly what is in the ingredients of these products, we cannot have detailed information about their side effects. For this reason, you should not use hair care products that you do not have detailed information about the contents of while taking a shower before the operation and cleaning your scalps. In order to prevent complications that may occur before hair transplantation, you should stop using these serum and care solutions at least 3 days before the procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions Process Before Hair Transplant

When you come to the operation, it is very important for comfort that you choose clothes that you will not have difficulty in passing through your head with zippers or buttons, such as shirts. When you stretch and contract during the application, sweating may occur. For this reason, if you prefer cotton clothes that do not stick to you and absorb your sweat, you will be able to have a more comfortable operation. You should choose loose-fitting clothes that do not bore you.

Due to the fact that it is a fine workmanship and sensitive work, hair transplantation is one of the most important details that should be done carefully. Even the slightest unexpected movement during the procedure means traumatizing the tissue in vain. Ask the doctor for permission to act. After the doctor who applies it allows you to move, your movement prevents you from encountering any traumatizing situation.

It would be wrong to spend time during the operation with a mobile phone or to talk using gesture gestures. During the operation, you will be given time to eat, but you will not be interrupted for smoking or any other reason. The rest breaks to be given will be very short due to the fact that the waiting times of the removed grafts outside the body are very low. Otherwise, the grafts that have been removed are not used.


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