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Frequently Asked Questions Process Before Hair Transplant

When you come to the operation, it is very important for comfort that you choose clothes that you will not have difficulty in passing through your head with zippers or buttons, such as shirts. When you stretch and contract during the application, sweating may occur. For this reason, if you prefer cotton clothes that do not stick to you and absorb your sweat, you will be able to have a more comfortable operation. You should choose loose-fitting clothes that do not bore you.

Due to the fact that it is a fine workmanship and sensitive work, hair transplantation is one of the most important details that should be done carefully. Even the slightest unexpected movement during the procedure means traumatizing the tissue in vain. Ask the doctor for permission to act. After the doctor who applies it allows you to move, your movement prevents you from encountering any traumatizing situation.

It would be wrong to spend time during the operation with a mobile phone or to talk using gesture gestures. During the operation, you will be given time to eat, but you will not be interrupted for smoking or any other reason. The rest breaks to be given will be very short due to the fact that the waiting times of the removed grafts outside the body are very low. Otherwise, the grafts that have been removed are not used.


Washing After Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the transplanted hair should be washed every day in order to remove the crusts formed after transplantation. If washing is not done, there may be a problem in feeding the roots.

In the dhi method, we can easily wash the hair on the first day after planting. In the classical FUE method, generally 3-4. First wash can be done on days


Frequently Asked Questions The Process After Hair Transplantation

Being paying attention to the process after hair transplantation will positively affect the operation process. Here, taking into account the recommendations of the team performing the operation, it is always recommended. It should also never be contacted.

There is no pain due to anesthesia drugs during the procedure. However, it is quite normal to feel small pains afterwards. 3 days after the operation, such problems usually disappear. Such problems vary from patient to patient.

The hair passes in a short time with the redness after the hand. Most of the rashes and swellings that occur within about 15 days after the operation pass. In addition, it ends in itching. However, some of them can take up to 2 months to completely pass.


Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has completed their physical development and has completed the age of 18 can have a hair transplant.

Depending on the hair transplantation method and technique used, hair transplantation prices may vary from person to person. In addition, the size of the person's baldness zone also affects prices.

There are new developments and new advances in hair transplantation every day. As of 2022, the success rate in hair transplantation is 99%.

The transplanted hair will fall out in the 3-month period after the hair transplantation. Then the new hair that has been transplanted begins to grow. The patient regains its natural appearance after 1 year.

It is called the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area without opening the channel to the area where baldness has occurred.

People who have legally completed the age of 18 can have hair transplantation if they have completed their natural development during the controls of the hair transplant specialist. So there is no recommended age.

Since hair transplantation operations are a treatment performed under local anesthesia, no pain or pain is felt.

It is convenient to make haircuts with the help of a machine within 3 months after the hair transplantation operation. However, in order not to damage the hair follicles of the cutting process, shaving from nearby areas should not be done.


DHI Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Today, with the developing technology, a wide variety of hair transplantation methods have been created. However, the most important of these methods is the DHI hair transplantation method. Because this treatment is the sowing process with the most natural appearance. In addition, DHI hair transplantation is not used as artificial transplantation method as in other methods. Direct transplantation method is used in DHI hair transplantation methods.

The duration of DHI hair transplantation varies depending on the patient's hair density.  How long does DHI hair transplantation last, which is often asked by people who want to receive DHI hair transplantation treatment ?  On average, a single session of DHI hair transplantation takes about 6 hours. During this period, DHI hair transplantation examination and controls are not included.

In most DHI hair transplantation applications, there are no scars on the scalp. However, some people's scalp may be thick. In this case, DHI hair transplantation pens can create small scratches on the scalp. However, after the DHI hair transplantation operation, people who want to request an additional treatment in the scratches that occur. However, in this case, the DHI hair transplantation fee increases slightly. This additional procedure is generally performed in clinics that perform DHI hair transplantation in Istanbul.

DHI hair transplantation may not be effective in the first application in some people. For this reason, hair transplantation with DHI method is performed once again in these people. However, there should be at least 12 months between both DHI hair transplantation procedures. Therefore, there is no harm in applying DHI technique 2 times.

In general, the effects of DHI hair transplantation are observed at the end of 1 month in a large part of the patients. However, since this is a condition related to the connection of the hair lesson to the hair follicle, there may be changes from person to person. If root control is not performed after DHI hair transplantation and appropriate treatment lotions cannot be taken, this period can be extended up to 6 months. Finally, the effects of DHI hair transplantation depend on the stress level of the person.

Those who have DHI hair transplantation should first pay attention to hair care. After the treatment process, hair should not be washed without the approval of the doctor. On the other hand, hair care lotions are used in the methods used in DHI hair transplantation procedures. For this reason, smoking and alcohol should not be consumed during the first 2 weeks after treatment.  Monthly and weekly controls are performed after DHI hair transplantation. Patients must go to these controls. Finally, after DHI hair transplantation, regular sleep of patients is very important for hair health.

DHI hair transplantation technique shows improvement between 12 months and 15 months on average. However, the healing time of DHI hair transplantation is directly related to the patient. If the necessary controls are made and appropriate maintenance is done, this period is slightly reduced. If all care and controls are done, DHI hair transplantation can improve in a period of 10 months.

In order to have the best DHI hair transplantation procedure, the patient must meet the conditions determined by the physician. In order to have hair transplantation with DHI technique, the person should not have previously had DHI hair transplantation or similar treatments. In addition, he should not undergo substance treatment and lose more than half of his hair. In addition, as a result of the examination, at least 2000 to 2500 grafts should be obtained from the hair follicles. If these conditions are not realized, DHI hair transplantation operation does not give the desired result.


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

When the transplanted hair comes out after hair transplantation, the patient can cut his hair short very comfortably. There will be no incision marks in the area where the hair is transplanted or in the areas where the hair follicles have been removed. If hair transplantation is to be performed for a very small area, hair follicle removal can be done without the need to cut the hair of the donor area.

This method, which has very successful results in mustache and beard transplantation, is an important technique that should be preferred especially in eyebrow transplantation. This method is also successfully applied in the closure of the interest traces formed depending on the technique applied in the nape area. It is a successful method that allows hair follicles to be removed not only from the area between the two ears but also from the whole area where the hair is located.

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation operation can be performed in longer periods of time than FUE technique. With the prolongation of the number of sessions and the operation time, the procedures should be more planned than other techniques. Before starting the hair transplantation process, the hair needs to be shaved. Using the micro motor device, the hair follicles are removed at certain speeds. If the speed of this machine is not adjusted well, it can damage the hair follicles. If the machine speed is not adjusted well, hair follicles may not form. For this reason, you need to carefully choose the specialist you will have hair transplantation with.

In this technique, if more or incorrect roots are taken from the area where the hair follicle will be removed, dilution and opening may occur in the donor area. It is a little more difficult to apply the sapphire FUE technique on fine-stranded hair. In addition, this method is not applied to every patient. First of all, the patient must have certain tests done by the specialist.  Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is performed by applying different methods.

Due to the fact that many patients in the country have a high demand for Safir FUE and successful results are obtained, many patients from abroad prefer Turkey for hair transplantation. Both the high level of technical equipment and the experience and experience of hair transplantation doctors cause many requests from domestic and foreign countries thanks to successful results.

Thanks to the quality services offered by Safir FUE hair transplantation clinics for patients from abroad or for patients outside the city, patients have the opportunity to receive all kinds of services for their needs. Then, thanks to the facilities provided by the clinics, they have the opportunity to stay.

You need to have detailed information about the important points in order to determine which of the classic FUE and Sapphire FUE technique is suitable for you. FUE motors are used in both methods. A decisive and important difference between the two methods is observed at the channel opening stage. In the classical FUE method, when it comes to the channel opening stage for the transplantation of grafts, steel blades are used for this process.

In the Sapphire FUE method, medical pens with sapphire tips are preferred during the channel opening stage. Sapphire blades are very easy to use and minimize the error rate while shortening the recovery time. Thanks to the faster recovery process after the operation, patients can adapt to their social lives more easily.  So, how  much are the prices of Sapphire FUE hair transplantation? Here are the details!


FUE Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

During  FUE hair transplantation, the area where donor hairs are collected is usually shaved to a hair length of 1 to 2 millimeters. Then the feathers are removed with a hollow needle. Usually many FUE hair transplant centers take several hairs at once during this procedure. Then the cuts are made with the help of a special tool in the area where the hairs will be transplanted. Then, the removed hair is transplanted into this area so that the FUE hair transplantation operation is completed. Within a few days, the hair follicles will stick to the skin and grow. Transplanted hair falls out after one to two weeks. But within three to five months, hair growth becomes regular.

FUE hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. In this way, hair transplantation can be performed in an awake state. During the FUE hair transplantation process, you will not feel any pain because your scalp is numbed. FUE hair transplantation technique is the method that creates the least painful feeling compared to other hair transplantation techniques. Especially if you experience a painful sensation only a few days after the procedure. This sensation is stronger on the first day, but it goes away easily with the painkiller your doctor prescribes. Other days you only experience a feeling of sinking. This is part of the process.

When determining FUE hair transplantation prices, the priority is to determine the size of the area to be transplanted. The methods and treatments applied to everyone may be different. While some patients want transplantation on a small area, some patients may want a larger area FUE hair transplantation. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to give a clear price information. If you contact a FUE hair transplantation center, you can learn the details as a result of the examination. At the same time, the fact that you want to stay in the hospital or some complications occur after the procedure and the application of additional treatment can also determine the prices.

FUE hair transplantation is also possible for everyone if there is enough donor hair and there are no problems in terms of health. Hair loss in women is often different from that of men. Spillage occurs not in a single area, but in a larger area. Hair loss often occurs in every area of the hair. Existing hair also becomes thinner. This situation is  a negative effect for FUE Hair Transplantation Operation. For this reason, the doctor will want to determine the quality of the existing hair during the examination. If everything is sufficient, FUE hair transplantation technique is applied.  If you have doubts about the cause of hair loss, you can contact FUE hair transplantation center.

FUE hair transplantation is always permanent. As long as your health is in place and the donor area is protected, your transplanted hair will not fall out. This is because the hair is removed from an area that is not sensitive to the hormone that causes hair loss. The best explanation of the question of what is hair transplantation with FUE hair transplantation method is here. Since each donor hair strand is removed and placed one by one, the chance of hair growth is also very high. This guarantees the permanence of the transaction. For this reason, FUE hair transplantation technique is highly preferred at home and abroad.

Scar formation during FUE hair transplantation depends on the skin, not everyone has the same thing. However, FUE hair transplantation technique is more advantageous than other techniques in this regard. Because the traces are almost never seen. People who are researching what is hair transplantation with the FUE method can see how small needles stem cell transplantation takes place. Thanks to this, the needle marks are very small and are only visible when the hair is shaved. However, at the end of the 1st year at the latest, these traces disappear when the hair begins to grow. You will be informed about this in detail at your FUE hair transplantation center appointment.


Beard Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this   question may vary according to the person to be transplanted from the beard. Depending on the areas with missing beards, the root use may be different. In addition,  the number of roots used during beard transplantation  varies according to the shape desired by the person.

Therefore, it is impossible to give an average number. In order to give such a number, a doctor must first guess the number of roots to be used in the individual during  beard transplantation.

There is no pain because the area to be transplanted before the procedure will be anesthetized. Since the anesthetic procedure is performed locally, it does not pose a risk to the patient.

It cannot be compared with the ordinary suffering felt in the flow of everyday life. You can rest easy as it is carried out under the control of pain. Your doctor will tell you this in detail already in the doctor's examination, beard transplantation is a painless procedure.

After the beard transplantation, it is a necessary period of time to follow the doctor's recommendations. Drinking, smoking, effort, sex, sports, chewing gum, not talking too much and not using the facial muscles too much should be followed.

First, during the transplantation of the beard there will be a reddening. In the following days, tiny crusts may form in places that redden. This is due to the placement of roots in places that open to the skin. So it's a normal thing in the process. It is only necessary not to damage the roots that are trying to settle down by rubbing hands. In time, the shells should be allowed to fall off on their own.

It can be washed off after 3 or 4 days. After 8 or 9 days, you can shave with a normal razor. For shaving soaps and cleaning agents used alone, the doctor's recommendation must be followed and organic and soft products should be used as much as possible. This care affects the result to be obtained after beard transplantation.

After 2 weeks, a development that shocks people begins to occur,   and there are spills in the areas where beard transplantation is performed. This is normal. Don't be alarmed. Approximately  4 to 8 months after beard transplantation, the beards will grow back. We can even  say that the development of the beard will take place until 2 years after the beard transplantation.

Not to make tension during this process will also be right for your general health. Doing the maintenance as it is said will support getting the desired result from the beard transplantation  process.

Patients feel a tension that beard transplantation takes a long time. Although it varies from person to person, it generally takes between 2 and 5 hours. Of course, we should also mention that personal characteristics are effective in extending or shortening the beard transplantation period.

Therefore, it is useful to know this. Beard transplantation  will not be difficult as a painless process will be experienced. Developing medicine and local anesthetic agents should be trusted.

First of all, before the beard transplantation, you should meet with your doctor and make the necessary determinations. Afterwards, various tests will be applied and the results will be obtained and  the day of beard transplantation will be determined. On the day of the procedure, the roots to be transplanted from the predetermined areas of your skin prepared with local anesthesia will be taken.

The roots taken will first be kept alive in a liquid and then beard transplantation will be performed. Afterwards, beard transplantation will be performed in the channels opened.  It is always advisable to follow a thorough research process before receiving such services.


Eyebrow Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

The procedures for eyebrow transplantation are almost the same. So How is Eyebrow Transplantation Done? With a small hollow needle, a previously determined number of hair strands are removed from the donor area. The amount to be taken varies according to the size of the area to be planted and everyone is different. Then, these grafts are transplanted one by one as eyebrow hair. There is no need for stitches and there will be no scars. It is extremely important in terms of naturalness that the eyebrows are planted in the direction and compatible with the existing eyebrows.

The most important question in the minds of those who want to have eyebrow transplantation is How Long Does the Eyebrow Transplantation Operation Last? The duration of the procedure depends on the eyebrow transplantation technique used. According to the FUT method, the  treatment time with eyebrow transplantation is between 3 and 4 hours. This depends on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. If you are being treated with the FUE method, you should consider an average treatment time of 6 hours. The exact duration here also depends on the number of grafts. The more hair is transplanted, the longer the time will be for the process to be carried out more carefully.

The eyebrow transplantation process can be compared to normal hair transplantation. What Techniques Are Used in Eyebrow Transplantation? In answer to the question one of the two best-known techniques is used, FUT or FUE. Donor hair is collected from the area behind the head. This is where the most suitable feathers are removed. Eyebrow hair and hair are not the same. That is why during eyebrow transplantation, the thinnest hairs are used to achieve a natural result. After the hair follicles are removed, they are carefully placed in the designated area on your eyebrows. All hairs are planted at the level of the natural eyebrow and in the same direction. This is the part that will ensure that the result is natural.

Immediately after the eyebrow transplant procedure, your eyebrows may be slightly swollen. The formation of small bruises is inevitable. If desired, you can use cooling to reduce swelling. Do my eyebrows look natural after eyebrow transplantation? If you're worried, don't panic in vain. Because everything is designed to make you look natural. In general, both swelling and discoloration decrease rapidly within hours or days after eyebrow transplantation. Then it is no longer visible that you have undergone an operation. The procedure you have done is permanent and you do not need to have it done again throughout your life.

The eyebrows transplanted after eyebrow transplantation begin to grow after a short time. So When Does the Eyebrow Come Out After Eyebrow Transplantation? The transplanted hair begins to appear little by little after a few days. But at first, there are spills. Many patients begin to panic here. However, it is normal for the transplanted hairs to fall out before they start to grow again. This period lasts from 3 to 4 months. At the same time, the transplanted hairs will be longer than other eyebrow hairs. You can achieve balance by shortening your eyebrows regularly.

Although eyebrow transplantation is a relatively small procedure, it requires considerable skill to achieve the best results. In particular, the opening of micro-channels is a procedure that will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the eyebrows and requires a high level of training and experience. How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed? The procedure is simply to remove donor hair from the back of the head and transplant it into the eyebrowless area with a special pen.  Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anesthesia.

Eyebrow transplantation is definitely a treatment method that should be done by a good specialist. a good specialist What are the points to be considered after eyebrow transplantation? It informs you in more detail.  The most troublesome issue to be experienced after eyebrow transplantation is the slight swelling and pain of the eyebrow area.  

There are no other side effects. Your doctor will recommend you a painkiller to make the pain of eyebrow transplantation pass easily. When you experience itching and stinging sensations, you should control yourself and not put your hands on your eyebrows. In the light of all this information, when eyebrow transplantation services come to the agenda, we can easily say that we are faced with an extremely meticulous process.

Eyebrow transplantation is successfully implemented by applying different techniques and methods in today's conditions.


Women Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

Women's hair transplantation prices depend on the treatment method, the degree of baldness, the quality of your hair in the donor area and the intensity you want to achieve with hair transplantation. Therefore, a clear price information before the inspection is impossible. At the same time, the cost of Women's Hair Transplantation in Turkey varies according to the clinic you prefer. There may be significant differences between hair transplant clinics of different names. Therefore, good research of yourself in advance will allow you to make the right decision for both your hair and your health. 

The success rate of female hair transplantation is always high. However, this does not mean that you can see the results as soon as you leave the clinic. Does Hair Transplantation Work in Women? The answer to the question is always yes. Of course, as long as doctors' checks and recommendations are not disrupted. It is quite normal to experience hair loss about 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure. On average, female hair transplant results see the start of new hair growth after 3 months. Gradually, your head becomes fuller and your hair strands begin to grow stronger. The final result can be evaluated after 9 to 12 months.

When female hair transplantation is performed by a successful and reliable specialist, it will give the expected results. But how successful is hair transplantation in women? It is impossible to give a clear answer to his question. Because the structure of every woman's hair follicle is different and it is not predictable how she will react to hair transplantation. In some cases, patients do not treat the hair   follicles gently after the female hair transplantation procedure, causing damage to the hair.  To increase the success rate, it is necessary to pay attention to what doctors forbid.

Every technique applied for female hair transplantation ensures successful results. The retention rate of the transplanted hair is different in everyone. This applies to both men and women.  While the results of female hair transplantation can hold 40% in some patients, it can hold more than 80% hair follicles in some patients. It is very difficult to predict this ratio in advance. But does hair transplantation in women hold? If you are wondering, you can investigate the previous procedures of the doctors you have chosen to increase the success rate. Before and after pictures will give you a clue as to how to look. So, you can have information about your female hair transplant doctor.

The more balding you are, the larger the area to be treated with the graft, the more grafts are needed and the higher the cost of female hair transplantation. How are Hair Transplantation Prices Determined in Women? The number of grafts is important to learn. If your hair loss is in a few small cavities, you'll need about 800 to 1,200 grafts, making the cost lower. But if you have a lot of blanks or are completely bald then the cost will be high.

Female hair transplantation techniques can be performed at international quality standards in today's conditions.


Hair Mesotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of the injected mixture is very important in this method, which is applied using subcutaneous medical instruments. An extremely thin needle should be used within the scope of hair mesotherapy. Syringes designed for this application are needed.

It is important to act sensitively in the hair mesotherapy process, which requires maximum attention and  care. Pros and cons should be well thought out. Another aspect to consider is regularity. To get the best results, the periodic pattern should be followed and followed. The application of hair mesotherapy provides a slow but effective correction. It may be necessary to wait two to three months for the visible effect of the results.

Hair mesotherapy, which helps to save time,  is a short-term application. It usually takes between twenty and forty minutes. It needs to be applied several times a week. In severe cases, it is also possible to talk about daily procedures. It is important to adhere to the predetermined schedule.

Small wounds that take time to heal may remain. Especially after the hair mesotherapy procedure, it is necessary not to wash the hair with substances such as shampoo and balm. You may have to walk around with dirty hair for three or four days. In the same way, the sun's rays should be avoided.

After the procedure, it is necessary to stay away from alcohol for a while. Hair mesotherapy, which is very effective on hair loss,  nourishes the roots. Renewed and nourished roots become stronger. As a support for processing, healthy nutrition should also be paid attention to and care should be taken to stay away from stress. The condition of the hair will be much better in this way.

In the light of all this information, when it comes to the hair mesotherapy process, we come across a meticulous study process. It is recommended to prefer professionals at the point of realizing this process at a high level of quality. Only in this way will it be possible to get a service that is exactly right for your demand.

When hair mesotherapy comes up, we can talk about a very comprehensive process.


Unshaven Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

As of today, to whom is unshaven hair transplantation performed? In the front-line section of your hair, the crown area and partial hair loss that occurs in different parts of your head, the unshaven hair transplantation technique is successfully applied.

Of course, unshaven hair transplantation is an application that can be implemented smoothly if it is performed under appropriate conditions. The rapid results of this application depend on the fact that it is done by an expert team.

Among the new generation techniques, how long does it take to shave hair transplantation in each area? We can say that the unshaven hair transplantation process is completed between 5 and 8 hours on average.

In general, when hair transplantation is on the agenda, it is known that the area where the hair will be transplanted is shaved before the operation. This is not the case in unshaven hair transplantation.

If you are going to have unshaven hair transplantation, it is imperative that you pay attention to the clinic preference beforehand. Again, it is always recommended that you choose a clinic with an experienced staff structure.


Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

In stem cell hair transplantation procedures, stem purchases are made according to the appropriate examination result. Approximately one day after the root removal is made, the roots are placed in the areas with hair loss. Then, stem cells are activated using special apparatus and treatment is started.

In this hair transplantation treatment  , stem cell treatment rather than stem cell hair transplantation takes time. Stem cell treatment in people who are deemed suitable for treatment takes an average of 15 days. On the other hand, this period may be shorter depending on the physician's expertise.

Stem cells are present in almost all of the body. These cells help keep the skins moist and nourish the skins. Therefore, in stem cell hair transplantation treatments, stem cells do not cause hair loss in any way. On the other hand, on the contrary, they help repair and grow hair.

In stem cell hair transplantation treatments, stem cells are obtained by a method called liposuction. The stem cells taken are at an average level of 70 cc. In some people, 60 cc cells can also be obtained rarely. Obtaining stem cells takes an average of 25 minutes to 30 minutes.


Sedation Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

Sedation, which has started to be used in many surgical procedures today, is the process of putting the person into a dormant state provided that the reflexes are preserved. In this operation performed by specialist anesthesiologists, painkillers and sedative drugs are usually used. In addition to having risks, it allows operations to be carried out in a very comfortable way. After the drugs, the patient's pain threshold increases. Stress and anxiety disappear. Since the patient stands much more motionless, it is easier for doctors to perform the operation. In addition, situations that will cause trauma in children are prevented.

Many different methods can be used in the sedation process. This method can be applied with oral drugs or it can be done by opening the vascular route and injecting the necessary drugs from here. The drugs to be used in the procedure are determined in a completely special way. In this way, the patient can be anesthetized at different degrees.

In the deep sedation process, the patient's consciousness is completely suppressed. The person does not react to stimuli from the environment. In the conscious sedation process, the patient's consciousness is suppressed at a minimum level. The patient can move to protect himself. In moderate sedation, although consciousness is suppressed and the person is put to sleep, the patient may react to stimuli from the environment. Although sedation hair transplantation is a qualified technique, it is also ideal in terms of patient comfort.


Reviews of Our Patients

Sally Walter
Sally Walter
England, 09 May 2022
When I saw the stem cell hair transplant, I was very interested and I was determined to make the best of this job. I am very happy to have such a professional team do this technique, which is rarely applied in the world.
Sarah Kehoe
Sarah Kehoe
England, 04 May 2022
A few of my friends told me that when they had this operation, it was a very painful procedure. When I saw the 'Safe Sweet Dreams Sedation' concepts, I was curious and informed. I definitely did not feel any pain during the operation and I had a very comfortable operation.
Steven Sumner
Steven Sumner
England, 25 April 2022
When I came to the pre-operation interview, I entered the operation very comfortably because I met with a professor plastic surgeon. During the operation, I was constantly followed by a professor anesthesiologist and I felt very safe. The operations team also made me very comfortable by answering every question I asked in the planning and operation part down to the finest detail.
Alexandra Grönqvist
Alexandra Grönqvist
Sweden, 15 March 2022
I had a very comfortable operation in a completely clean environment in a high-end hospital. I had heard that hair transplantation operations were painful, but I did not feel any pain either during or after the operation with a special anesthesia method. Thank you for your interest and interest
Kate Mccarthy
Kate Mccarthy
USA, 05 March 2022
The interest was amazing from the day I arrived in Istanbul until the day I returned. VIP transfer, a great hotel and a great hospital. Together with these, a very good and professional team in their work. An anesthesia professor who is with you throughout the operation. Everything was top notch thank you.
Pedro Iglesias
Pedro Iglesias
Spain, 02 February 2022
I was confused because I had seen too many clinics before the operation. But when I met with Dr. Karaaltin Hair, I was completely convinced of their professionalism and the reality of the promises. Both before and after the operation, everything was of higher quality than I expected. I am very satisfied
Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes
Spain, 19 January 2022
When I got off the plane, I got into my VIP van waiting for me and was placed in my hotel. When I entered the hospital for the operation, I encountered a wonderful environment. Whether it was the hotel, the transfers or the restaurant in the package, everything was top quality. I would like to thank the operation team and the anesthesia professors who followed me throughout the operation.
Antonio Rota
Antonio Rota
Italy, 15 December 2021
When I first saw stem cell hair transplantation, I realized that it was different from other centers and in a way that I had never seen before in my research, and I was interested. I was completely convinced when they informed me. During the operation, professional teams were always at my head at every stage of the process. Thank you very much to everyone
Andrea Coil
Andrea Coil
Italy, 15 November 2021
Before the operation, I was worried that my hair was thin, but I learned that I would get a much better result with stem cell hair transplantation. Everything about the process was explained in the finest detail before the operation and I was very relieved. Everything went great in the operation as described. Very satisfied
Steve Pullen
Steve Pullen
England, 03 November 2021
The interest before and after the operation was great. Thanks to the sedation, I did not experience any pain during and after the operation. The team was quite professional and I was followed up by an anesthesiologist throughout the operation. I'm quite happy thank you


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