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Today, the demand for hair transplantation is very high. However, it is not possible to reach the desired level immediately after hair transplantation. For this it is necessary to wait a long time after the procedure. The image that pleases people is usually formed at the beginning of the 6th month after hair transplantation. Until this time, it is necessary to be patient.

It is not possible to give clear information about the fee requested for the service. Because fees are determined by considering many factors. The operation is more important after hair transplantation than before. This is because the healing process directly affects the quality of the procedure. Of course, it is always recommended to act in accordance with the instructions after hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Instructions After Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a very good method for those who are worried about being bald. Thanks to this, everyone can get hair as they wish. But after application, some elements should be considered. Below are a few of the main post-hair transplant instructions explained in the form of item by item.

  • After the operation, dressings should be carried out regularly.
  • The area should never itch. Otherwise, it is not possible to see the desired effect.
  • A lot of attention should be paid to the head area. Protection against impacts and accidents will be beneficial.

Dressing prevents infections from occurring after hair transplantation in the operated area. Therefore, it should be carried out at the necessary times. Crusting is encountered due to itching problems. If you want not to deal with such troubles, care should be taken never to itch after hair transplantation.

Drug Use After Operation

As a general protocol,  certain drugs are given to patients after hair transplantation. These drugs contain properties such as antibiotics and painkillers. However, people who have an allergic reaction should stop immediately in consultation with their doctor. In other words,  the drugs to be used after hair transplantation may vary in some cases.

Rest After Operation

It is of great importance for patients to rest for a certain period of time after the procedure. In this way, rapid recovery takes place. In addition, new hair follicles  are allowed to come out smoothly after hair transplantation. Especially  for 10 days after hair transplantation, patients should pay close attention to themselves. Otherwise, no matter how good the transaction is, it is not possible to reach the desired rate of service.

Contact the Cultivation Area

It is forbidden to touch the injured head section in any way for 2 days after the end of the operation. Even in cases of getting in the car and getting in, care should be taken after hair transplantation . Touching the treated area for about 15 days outside the shower should be avoided.

Sleeping Position

When the application is over, patients are given a neck pillow. This pillow must be used for an average of five days after hair transplantation. The sleeping position should be on the back. Thanks to both the position and the pillow, contact with  the injured area after hair transplantation is reduced to the minimum rate.

Washing After Hair Transplantation

Use of Hats

The use of hats is among the elements recommended by experts. Thanks to the hat, the  treated area is protected to a great extent after hair transplantation. In particular, it prevents wind, rain and sun rays from contacting the region. But the hat to be preferred must have appropriate features. For example, it should not squeeze the head and should be high. Otherwise, it  is inevitable that it will lead to complications after hair transplantation.

Alcohol and Smoking

People who have habits such as alcohol or smoking  should take a short break from them after hair transplantation. Especially in the first 5 days, it should be avoided completely. The main reason for this is that the substances they contain  are likely to cause bleeding after hair transplantation in the treated area. Therefore, it is of great importance not to use cigarettes and alcohol.


There are many questions about hair transplantation. One of these questions is  the  status of sexual intercourse with hair transplantation. Although it is thought to be unconnected, on the contrary, it is quite related. Because the rate of sexual blood flow reaches high levels, it causes pressure in the newly transplanted area. This can disrupt the effectiveness of the region. Therefore, experts warn against having sexual intercourse between 7-10 days after hair transplantation.

Sea and Pool Swimming

Contact with water should be avoided for a while after application. This period is at least 10 days after hair transplantation . If this time has elapsed, it can be entered. However, plunging positions  should not be performed for up to two months after hair transplantation. Outside the head, the body can get into the water.


Sports should not be done in the first week as it increases blood pressure. Therefore,  no sport should be performed for a month after hair transplantation. At other times, it is useful to avoid heavy activities. However, there is no harm in performing light walks after hair transplantation.


After the hair transplantation application, attention should be paid to the clothing choices for a certain period of time. T-shirts that do not exceed the neck should be worn frequently after hair transplantation. At the same time, shirts should not be preferred. The reason for this is the wounds that may occur due to the collar. It is inconvenient to use clothing products such as hooded cardigans. Therefore,  after hair transplantation, these clothing issues should be taken care of for an average of 15 days.


Frequently Asked Questions The Process After Hair Transplantation

Being paying attention to the process after hair transplantation will positively affect the operation process. Here, taking into account the recommendations of the team performing the operation, it is always recommended. It should also never be contacted.

There is no pain due to anesthesia drugs during the procedure. However, it is quite normal to feel small pains afterwards. 3 days after the operation, such problems usually disappear. Such problems vary from patient to patient.

The hair passes in a short time with the redness after the hand. Most of the rashes and swellings that occur within about 15 days after the operation pass. In addition, it ends in itching. However, some of them can take up to 2 months to completely pass.


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