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The washing process after hair transplantation is a very meticulous process. The issue of how to wash the hair after hair transplantation is very important. Because it is important that you do your hair care in the days after hair transplantation in order to ensure that the results of hair transplantation are good and the quality of the work done by the surgeon increases. You need to change your shampoo that we normally use after hair transplantation. You should use hair removal products that follow your doctor's instructions. There should be no harmful chemicals in the hair products you will use after hair transplantation. You should prefer cleaning products with clean ingredients, such as baby shampoo. It is always recommended to pay attention to washing after hair transplantation.

When washing our head, you should apply care without applying pressure and touching your nails to your scalp. It is important that you do not go directly under the shower during the periods recommended by the specialist who performs the hair transplantation process. In general, it is recommended to wash the hair gently with a bowl of water. Your doctor who performs hair transplantation can determine which method you should use best. However, the common advice of all doctors is to wash using gentle and appropriate products. The first washing is also done by doctors and nurses in some clinics. You can also do the subsequent washes yourself. You can draw a path for yourself by getting detailed information about this subject. The washing process after hair transplantation consists of certain stages.

Step 1 : Lotion Application

After the hair transplantation procedure, there will be crusting on the skin of your head. Lotion application will soften the crusts that have formed on the scalp. For this reason, it is important to apply lotion in order to overcome the crusting process in the best way after hair transplantation. It helps to quickly pour out the shell. It is necessary to pay attention to this stage of the washing process after hair transplantation.

Step 2 : Shampoo Application

You need to take care that the shampoos you will use to clean your hair after hair transplantation are specially produced medical shampoos. Medical shampoos accelerate the removal of the crusts seen in the head area and the healing of the areas where hair transplantation has been performed. You can wash using medical shampoos in approximately 45 minutes after applying lotion. The rinsing stage of the washing process after hair transplantation is also important.

Washing After Hair Transplantation

Step 3 : Rinse

After the shampoo application, you can proceed to the rinsing step by massaging your hair with two fingers so that the nails do not touch your scalp. It is important that the hair transplanted with hair transplantation is gently washed and the movements of the fingers are vertical. The transplanted hair should definitely not be washed with circular movements. It is important that you verify the shampoos you have applied after a short time.

It is necessary to clean it carefully as the blood traces and crust traces in the area where the hair transplantation has been performed can cause infection. When rinsing, the temperature and pressure of the water should be low. It is wrong to expose the transplanted hair to high-pressure water. You need to take a shower by slowly pouring low temperature water into the container on your head.  Again,  when it comes to washing after hair transplantation, it is imperative to pay attention to drying.

Step 4 : Drying

After completing all the steps and washing the first after hair transplantation, you can dry your wet hair with a towel or paper towel. Since your scalp will be thick and heavy, you should not use a sick thick and large towel because it can pull your transplanted hair from outside the transplanted places. Be careful not to pull the towel over your head in any way.  Especially after hair transplantation, it is always recommended to act carefully in the washing process.

Third and Fourth Week

The grafts transplanted within the first 3 days immediately after the hair transplantation application will appear as a slightly blooded red spot. It is quite normal to have swelling in the donor area. It is wrong to have any anxiety because they are found in natural complications. Within 10 days after hair transplantation, the crusting that is normally encountered in the healing process will begin to fall out. The graphs that appear as red dots will begin to disappear. As of 10 days, the healing process will begin on your scalp.

When the 4 weeks after hair transplantation are entered, the period called shock hair loss will begin. This period is 1. It will increase further towards the end of the month and will continue for up to 2 months. Hair transplanted with shock shedding can also be completely lost. However, in this case, one should not worry because it is a natural situation. The lost hair will grow back one by one due to the healing process and will start to grow rapidly.


Washing After Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the transplanted hair should be washed every day in order to remove the crusts formed after transplantation. If washing is not done, there may be a problem in feeding the roots.

In the dhi method, we can easily wash the hair on the first day after planting. In the classical FUE method, generally 3-4. First wash can be done on days


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